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HELM Portugal announces a Co-development partnership with Lebsa for Octenidine API

HELM Portugal, part of the HELM Group and HELM’s Competence Center for European distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients, announces a Co-development partnership with Lebsa for the development and distribution of Octenidine worldwide. Octenidine is a broad range antiseptic used in both pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Bernardo Reiner

Bernardo Reiner

Growth Market Lead API

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Mr. Sergi Collazos, General Manager of Lebsa said “Our commitment to HELM is one more step in our strategic transformation process focused on the development of new niche APIs for the European and international market. As a family business, we have found in HELM the ideal partner with which to share our values ​​of proximity, rigor and innovation, with a customer centric approach. The Octenidine project has all the necessary elements to make it a success.”

Ricardo Soares, Managing Director of HELM Portugal said: "We´re very excited with this co-development agreement of an interesting API to be produced in Europe to meet our customers’ needs worldwide. We´re also very happy to cooperate with Lebsa, a close partner, complementing knowledge and areas of expertise, so we believe we have the ingredients needed to build a success story.”

Bernardo Reiner, Growth Market Lead - API of HELM said: “Disruptions caused by Covid-19 have increased the importance of diversification to mitigate risks and having more control over the supply chain. This is the perfect timing for HELM to bet in strategic partnership with European API manufacturers to attend an ever-increasing demand from our clients for EU sources.”

About HELM:

HELM Portugal is a subsidiary of HELM AG, Germany, a based family company established in 1900. HELM is one of the world’s largest chemicals marketing companies. The Company secures access to the world’s key markets through its specific regional knowledge and over 100 branches, sales offices and participations in over 30 countries.

About LEBSA:

Lebsa is an innovative European laboratory dedicated to the synthesis, manufacture and commercialization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s). With 70 years of experience, Lebsa has built an excellent reputation in the global pharmaceutical market for generic API manufacturing in Europe. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Lebsa exports up to 90% of its production.
For more details, please visit Lebsa at Lebsa - API Manufacturing Company & Supplier based on Europe