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Animal Nutrition

HELM de México developed the Animal Nutrition Division in 1990, starting with the distribution of straight vitamins and feed additives. In 1994, vitamin premixes were included and later on, bulk veterinary medicines.

Among the customers are feed manufacturers, integrators, blenders, as well as poultry, swine dairy and cattle producers.

The Animal Nutrition division has distribution or exclusivity agreements with worldwide companies recongnized by their quality on the animal nutrition field.

HELM de México has formed sales and technical service departaments offering comprehensive services focused to support our clients' requirements within the animal nutrition market.

The Sales Departament consists of specially trained professionals located within the areas of manufacturing and consumption for livestock in Mexico.

Being a reliable link between the manufacturers and clients, assures a continuous supply of original and approved quality.

Technical Assistance

Technical service is staffed by animal nutritionists, offering consulting as well as technical advising to clients, thus supporting our product line offered to the livestock market in Mexico.

Quality Control

The Quality Control Laboratory counts on equipment and well trained personnel and technology to identify and approve all raw materials and premixes carried. Moreover, HELM de México has signed agreements with some research and educative institutions, in order to support customers with analysis developments and research.