A secure job

From Hong Kong to Hamburg: Jasmin Law came to HELM AG thanks to a recommendation. Her sister had already worked for the Company for a number of years and had raved about the benefits. What Jasmin appreciates most about her employer is the level of consistency.

What employer is the perfect match for me? Many applicants ask themselves this question when they are on the lookout for a new job. This is also what Jasmin Law experienced when she wanted to return to Germany in the year 2010. She had previously spent seven years working at a forwarding agency in Hong Kong. However, then Jasmin, a Chinese lady who was born in Hong Kong, was attracted back to Hamburg, where she had grown up and gone to school a long time ago.

One thing was certain for Jasmin before she relocated: she wanted to remain engaged in the logistics sector and in an international environment. In addition, she was really interested in a secure job: “Regular working hours are just as important to me as long-term professional career opportunities.” And she found exactly that at the Hamburg-based chemicals marketing company.

“HELM is a fixed star on the market firmament and a company steeped in a rich tradition with a corporate history going back over a hundred years,” says the forwarding agent by training in summing up. “My sister also told me that HELM had attractive social benefits to offer – from a favourably priced lunch in the Company’s own restaurant all the way through to a kindergarten. For me, being a mother, the latter also is an important aspect.”

She herself managed to gain a first impression of HELM during her job interview. “What was practical is that HELM also has a company location in Hong Kong, where the first personal interview took place.” With a permanent employment contract in her pocket, Jasmin was able to start a new life in Hamburg a little later.

In the business unit Derivatives, she has since been focusing on transport processing and settlement with international suppliers. “The order situation is good, we’re a well-coordinated team and I have an optimistic outlook about by professional future.”

Jasmin also considers it positive that long service anniversaries are quite frequent amongst her colleagues: “Some have been working here for several decades,” reports the logistics specialist. “That also speaks for HELM”.

“We’re a well-coordinated team and I have an optimistic outlook about my professional future.”