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Bone development and eggshell quality in poultry

This event is dedicated to the building and development of the different bone structures in poultry and its importance in the future of the animal as an adult, and in its influence in the egg quality. We will see the main bone diseases and the causes of the commercial egg decrease given eggshell problems.

The video is only in Spanish available.

The main topics will be:

  • Bone and skeleton building.
  • Main causes of mineralization problems.
  • Bone development in laying and breeding hen.
  • Mineralization problems in laying and breeding hen.


Dr. Javier Prieto Jiménez (MIAVIT)

Dr. Javier Jiménez is Veterinarian. Graduated at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a Specialization in Production Animals. He is member of the Colegio de Veterinarios de Ávila and works for Miavit at the Feed area as a poultry technician and nutritionist. 

He has worked as a veterinarian for the animal health for the British Agriculture Ministry and for food hygiene at the Hygiene Ministry in the UK.

He has a wide experience in poultry production, feed and slaughter farms and making teamwork.

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