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HELM provides a wide portfolio of top-quality products:


Major chemicals organisation HELM AG (“HELM”) and Lithium chemicals producer LevertonHELM announce HELM`s full acquisition of LevertonHELM, becoming…

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HELM Portugal, part of the HELM Group and HELM’s Competence Center for European distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients, announces a…

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HELM Group reports stable revenues. Earnings burdened by external factors and losses from associated companies.

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Bone development and eggshell quality in poultry

This event is dedicated to the building and development of the different bone structures in poultry and its importance in the future of the animal as an adult, and in its influence in the egg quality. We will see the main bone diseases and the causes of the commercial egg decrease given eggshell problems.

Interdisciplinary focus for the control of mycotoxins in livestock production

This event has as a goal to describe the interdisciplinary focus to have available ways to handle the contamination by mycotoxins in grains and raw materials for livestock production. We are looking to expose the characteristics of the line of KLIN-SIL products and the technical support services.